Motor Unit

The Benton County Sheriff’s Office Motor Unit Division was established in the late 1990’s and they hold a unique position within our office. Sheriff motorcycles look extremely professional and have many functions including traffic enforcement, patrol duties, escort assignments, public relations and parades. The deputies who are selected to operate a motor unit have to go through an extensive selection process and complete a two-week motor school before assigned to the division.

Motorcycles are extremely maneuverable and have high acceleration response capabilities, which make them excellent tools when performing their duties. One great advantage possessed by Sheriff Motor Units is the ability to access areas a standard patrol car cannot go. A Motor Unit’s ability to maneuver through heavy traffic allows them to respond to incidents much faster than traditional squad cars and they are economical to operate. The enforcement capabilities of motor units are another advantage. For example, once a vehicle is detected, a properly trained motor officer can turn the motorcycle around within a lane and a half (18 ft.) in order to stop the violator or quickly arrive at an in progress incident.

This capability allows the motor unit to carry out his duties with less hindrance to traffic on the roadway or safely navigate through a crowded area congested with pedestrians. They are also valuable for patrolling the parks within Beaver Lake and waterfront areas in the summertime. Sheriff Motorcycles are called upon often for conducting police escorts for funerals, parades and other ceremonial duties and assist with patrolling large events in the NWA area. Sheriff Motorcycles are excellent for public relations and are invited regularly to schools and special details such as local community events.