DWI Unit

In a concerted effort to ensure the safety of Benton County roads from intoxicated drivers, the Sheriff’s Office has established a task force dedicated to removing potential impaired drivers from behind the wheel. Effectively enforcing Arkansas’ Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) laws is imperative in addressing the ongoing issue on Benton County roadways.

The Benton County Sheriff’s Office is committed to the proactive enforcement of Arkansas’ DWI laws, striving to create safe roadways in the county. A full-time DWI Enforcement Unit, consisting of one Sergeant and three deputies, has been established. This unit is responsible for actively detecting, investigating, and arresting alcohol and/or drug-impaired drivers.

Operating during peak hours when DWI offenses are most prevalent, the DWI Unit deputies often adjust their schedules to conduct enforcement activities during special events and holidays. In addition to detecting and apprehending impaired drivers, they enforce all state traffic laws and serve as instructors for current and new patrol officers in DWI detection and apprehension. Collaborating closely with surrounding area agencies on DWI detection, the DWI Unit deputies are motivated individuals passionate about reducing traffic collisions caused by impaired drivers and ensuring the safety of Benton County roadways for citizens and motorists.

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