Dive Team

The Dive Team is designed to assist the Benton County Sheriff’s Office, other law enforcement agencies in Benton County, the state of Arkansas, surrounding states, and other private and public entities. The BCSO Dive Team’s primary responsibilities are to locate and recover drowning victims and assist in the locating, recovering, and preservation of evidence. The Dive Team also conducts still and swift water shore rescue operations; and, conduct underwater and other covert reconnaissance operations as needed.
The Benton County Sheriff’s Office Dive Team consists of a team commander, team leader, assistant team leaders, sonar operators, divers, shore support members. The Dive Team also has additional team members from the Rogers Fire Department who are Part Time 2 certified or certified as Specialized Deputies. Dive Team members received specialized training, but not limited to, dive search/recovery operations, rescue diving, swift water rescue, boat operations, and sonar operations.

The Dive Team is available for deployment to planned or emergency events and will serve either as a primary or support unit for all water-based operations. All operations conducted by the Benton County Sheriff’s Office Dive Team is done in the interest of public safety.

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