Patrol Division
The patrol division of the Sheriff's Office provides law enforcement to varying degrees across the county.
The Field / Patrol room at the Sheriff's Office.
The Field / Patrol car - white with brown and gold accents.

The Field / Patrol helicopter is white and brown and is sitting on the tarmac at the Sheriff's Office.
Patrol Officers are most commonly encountered by the public.

Few would dispute the fact that deputies assigned to the Uniform Patrol Division are the backbone of the Benton County Sheriff's Office. The Division Commander is assisted by three Patrol Lieutenants and six Patrol Sergeants. Currently the patrol division is broken up into four shifts and deputies work a twelve hour rotation. The patrol division is assisted by a Wednesday through Saturday power-shift that works a ten hour shift during the highest call volume times. The power-shift is also responsible for DWI enforcement and the K-9 program.

The patrol division provides twenty-four hour daily service for all unincorporated areas of Benton County. It also provides assistance to all municipalities within its borders. The duties and responsibilities of the patrol division include preliminary investigations, preventative patrol, selective enforcement, response to calls for service, investigation of traffic crashes, traffic enforcement, incident reporting, warrant service, service of court ordered papers, and the overall protection and safety of Benton County citizens and their property.

The patrol division strives to maintain a high visibility as a way to deter crime. The division completes numerous extra patrols during any given shift. These preventative patrols help in the reduction of crime. The Benton County Patrol Division has four K-9 deputies that are assigned strictly to patrol. These deputies assist with traffic stops, high-risk calls, and are utilized in attempting to locate lost or missing persons.

The Patrol Division is committed to working with our community to develop and maintain a safe atmosphere in which we can live, work, play, and raise our families. To accomplish our mission we will be data driven, technology-based and engage the community in the problem solving process.