Benton County Jail
Facility specifications, staff information, current inmate roster, and visitation requirements.
Concrete & metal sign in front of facility that says; 'Benton County Jail & Sheriff's Office - 1301'
Interior of a jail pod and showing metal stairs leading to cells.
This facility houses individuals who are
officially charged with  |  convicted of  |  waiting trial for
crimes of all types.

The Benton County jail was opened for employee training and orientation in January 1999. Inmates began being housed in the jail in April of 1999. The goal of the Benton County jail is to create a safe, secure and humane environment for both staff members and inmates.

The jail is a 100,355 square foot facility with an inmate capacity of 508. The administrative office area of the facility is 16,938 square feet. The total cost of the facility including the acquisition of the land was $16.8 million. A half-cent county jail tax paid for the project.

Former Sheriff Andy Lee, architects and jail consultants toured eight jails in Colorado and Wyoming. A combination of the best attributes of each jail was used in determining the layout of the Benton County jail. The result is a non-linear, direct/indirect supervised facility. There are pods for maximum security, minimum security, a dormitory housing unit and barracks for work release inmates.

 Inside the County Jail - online tour:

Green plastic chairs in a concrete floor, wall ceiling environment.
Metal Handcuffs on a woodgrain surface.
Hands on a electronic finger printing machine in jail booking.
Plastic Cups and large liquid holding vessel.
Concrete exercise yard.
Dodge Charger Patrol Vehicle
Concrete beds in a cell.
Concrete walls and metal sink along with metal toilet.
Concrete beds in a cell.

 Inmate Detail Information & Pictures:

Deputies and Detention Officers assigned to the Inmate Work Force Division supervise inmate crews that work outside of the jail. Officers that are assigned to supervise the various work details that work throughout the county. Deputies/Detention Officers transport inmate work details each day to various work details. The Benton County Sheriff's Office utilizes inmate labor to do the following:

Pick up trash along state and county roadways
Help maintain the exterior of Sheriff's building
Assisting with certain projects in the County Courthouse and Administration Building
Clean the Benton County Sheriff's Office and Jail Facility
Help setup and take down county events

The Inmate Work Force Division utilizes both male and female inmate labor on work details throughout Benton County. Only inmates that have nonviolent charges are allowed to work on these outside work details. These inmates are usually county sentenced or incarcerated on probation violations. The Inmate Work Force Division saves Benton County taxpayers trememendous amounts of money on an annual basis by the utilization of free inmate labor and reduced sentence time.

Green plastic chairs in a concrete floor, wall ceiling environment.
 Monday thru Friday 8:00am - 4:30pm
 1300 SW 14th Bentonville Ar 72712
 Jail Clerk's Office: 479-271-1011