Honor Guard
The Honor Guard is a ceremonial unit proudly provided by the Benton County Sheriff's Office.
The Field / Patrol room at the Sheriff's Office.
The Benton County Sheriff's Office Honor Guard

The Honor Guard has long been a positive representation for the Benton County Sheriff’s Office, as well as the law enforcement community. Whether the presence of the Honor Guard is at a scheduled public event, or the funeral of fallen law enforcement personnel, the image portrayed by this unit is a representation of the Sheriff’s Office. These events are often a very public display with media and high-ranking elected officials attending. Deputies that serve on the Honor Guard Unit do so out of pride for both the profession and the agency. From the positive public event of posting colors to the most tragic loss of a fallen comrade, Honor Guard members take immense pride in not only what they do, but also how well they can do the job that many don’t want to do. It has often been said that the more impressive an honor guard unit can perform, the more honor and respect that is being given to that fallen comrade or the national colors.